The bank account for multinationals.

Passbook is an everyday banking account with no fees, cash back on international transfers, direct deposits with early payday, and a premium Visa® debit card.

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* even if you don't have an SSN

Designed for you.

You’ve overcome the odds. You’ve chased a better life. And now you’re here, faced with new challenges: a financial system that was not designed for you. We’re here to fix that. We are building next-generation financial services for you.

“I have never seen anything like it. This sounds like it would make banking super simple.”

Alejandro P

No minimum balance fees

No overdraft fees

No maintenance fees

No fees*

Passbook has no branches to operate so we don't have to charge fees. No minimum balance fees, no maintenance fees, no overdraft fees, and no foreign transaction fees.

“Having the flag on my card is amazing. The card design is also very attractive.”

Marc S

Swipe with pride.

The Passbook Visa debit card features your flag of choice and preferred name, and tap-to-pay technology. Plus, you can use it with Apple Pay® or Google Pay™.

“Sending money was already easy with Remitly and now you guys have taken this to another level!”

Vaibhav N

Send with Remitly, get cash back.

When you use your Passbook Visa debit card to send money with Remitly, you'll get $2 cash back. With up to one credit each week, you can earn upwards of $100 each year for something you’re already doing.

“I don't know of any other service like Passbook that's available with the same security, reputation or easy global access.”


Get paid early.

When you set up direct deposit to your Passbook account, we’ll make the money available up to two days early.

“I travel abroad to Mexico and Philippines since I have family there and this sounds like an answer to all my international banking problems.”

Christopher L

No SSN? No problem.

You can use other types of documents, like a passport, to verify your identity when you sign up.

“Passbook does not exclude me just because I’m not from the United States.”

Moises R

Cash now has a home.

Deposit cash to your Passbook account at any of over 90,000 retail stores like Walmart, Kmart, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreens.

New product. Same mission.

Since 2011, Remitly has helped millions of immigrants send billions of dollars across borders reliably and affordably. Now we aim to make banking more accessible and affordable for immigrants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

Follow the instructions in the Passbook app. Make sure to have your basic information and a method to verify your identity ready.

Is this real or a scam?

We’re real. Passbook is a new service from Remitly, which has been around since 2011, is licensed to send money throughout the entire US, and has helped millions of people send billions of dollars internationally.

What information do you ask for?

During sign up we'll ask for things like your phone number, birthdate, residential address, and Social Security Number. If you don't have an SSN, no worries. Have your passport, ITIN, or other official documentation ready so we can verify your identity.

Is this for immigrants only?

Passbook features and benefits are specifically designed for multi-nationals, but U.S. citizens can sign up if they want.

Does this affect my credit score?

No. We do not check your credit to open an account, and being an account holder does not help build credit. (We are researching ways to help you do that, though!)

Are there really no fees?

Really, no fees! We don't charge any of the usual banking fees for minimum balance, overdraft, maintenance, ATM withdrawal, transfers, service charges, card re-issues, etc.

We can't guarantee you won't be charged a fee from certain partners or retailers, but we don't charge fees.

How long does it take?

Signing up usually takes under 10 minutes. It may take longer depending on how quickly we can verify your identity.

Once your account is opened you'll be able to use your Visa debit card for online purchases almost immediately. It will take up to 10 business days for the physical card to arrive.

Can I use this outside the US?

Yes! You can use the Passbook debit card and app outside the US but the account itself is US-based and you must reside in the US to open an account.

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